Medieval Engineers – Using Gothic Architecture to create “a kind of heaven on Earth”

So I stumbled on this video while I was looking for documentaries based on the history of Western Architecture and I found this – the use of Gothic Architecture to create some of Europe’s most beautiful cathedrals.


I’ve always been interested in architecture and have always wanted to do a module on relating to it. This semester I found a module titled – “AR222: History and Theory of Western Architecture” and immediately I was hooked. The module sounds really interesting and immediately images of beautifully-crafted historical buildings found in Europe flooded my mind.

However, after speaking to Bridget and Justin (seniors who took that module before), both seniors discouraged me from taking that module and I felt quite disheartened as such opinions might hinder me from taking it :/ I still want to pull my CAP up this semester and I wonder if such a module (though interesting as it may seem) will pull it down. I really really really need to pull my CAP up this sem if I am aiming to do Honours next year.

But okay, back to the topic. I think I will still try taking this module though, despite discouragements from two of my seniors. (Just hope the prof would upload the module content and info on IVLE already!! -.-)

It’s quite amazing how medieval engineers of the past actually used numbers from the bible as blueprints for the construction of some of these cathedrals. AHHHHH, combining both religion and architecture :)) – both my favourite topics! (: A really good video and a good start in learning more about Western architecture and how European engineers of the past were so ingenious in creating such marvelous and spectacular structures (: