For it is largely the inhabited earth that interests geographers today. Humans, after all, exist in a thin layer from just below the earth’s surface to just above it. This is geography’s layer. Go too far beyond it and you enter the world of astronomy, go too far below and you are in the realm of geology. Geography as the study of the ecumene is not a bad definition of our discipline.

– Tim Cresswell, 2013


An Account of a rather Academically Lame Post -_-

This is one post that should be immortalised because it is clear evidence of one being so academically superficial and retarded. However, the comments are commendable, especially Andrea’s who defended us!! *muscle arm* Can tell that he is a really intelligent guy from the way he thinks and even his tone is very balanced. (:

Sigh, now being very inward-looking as all human beings are, I feel so academically ill-equipped to think or write that way. I’m going to graduate soon but have I come out a more learned academic who can deserve to call herself a geographer?? :/ Guess I have lots more to do to reach that point and I do hope by the end of my thesis semester and my Year 4 academic year I can improve the way I think and be both objective in how I view my own discipline and how I view the world.