“This is the Story of the Anthropocene”

Haha, okay I GOT to revive this blog soon. Not just because I (might) have a new regular visitor soon hehe but also coz I really don’t want to lose that spark I have for Geography wherever I move on in life after I graduate from university.

As my peers and I approach our last examinations of our lives soon, I am just amazed as to how much I have grown in NUS and how just one semester made me feel sooooooo happy to be in Geography that I honestly don’t want to leave it just yet 😦 (Don’t think I will ever feel like wanting to leave)! But being in 4 years in Geography, also made me realise how little I still know and how much more knowledge there is just waiting to be discovered and learn about this blue little planet in Β which we call our home. I really don’t want to lose this you know. Like this spark and joy you have immersing yourself in a course that you love! Before the real world and the working and hectic life takes it all away from you. I am honestly scared that responsibilities, relationships, family love will just.. Take away this spark in me that I have always had since Secondary school. I’ve always wondered before if Geography was really the way I want to chart my life to. But, I think it is only after Field Studies, really, that my love for my major really grew. Coupled with the amazing professors (so passionate, friendly and quirky in their own ways our teachers are πŸ™‚ ) and amazing passionate friends I have met along the way. I often wished that I had that energy and drive in being more involved in Geography during my first three years in university (instead I was going through a lot of silly friendship problems, identity crises nonsense, and just being rather aimless honestly). I still feel do a little aimless. But I now know where I belong and that is NUS Geography πŸ™‚ And I wish that I can carry this new-found home in me to my next phase in life – wherever it is 😦 (I always start to feel more ‘in-place’ when time goes by, sigh. But then life happens and we have to start moving on and change our direction in life again…)

But anyway, yes so back to the reason for this blog post. LOL. I just want to keep that spark alive and I hope that maintaining this post will allow me to do so. Just keep posting random musings, thoughts or bits and pieces of interesting Earth-related posts or videos to keep the vision alive! Haha. LAST PAPER OF MY LIFE IN 9 DAYS TIME. It kind of feels like a bittersweet feeling. 😦

Oh and with regards to this video, don’t you find the animation and constellation super pretty?? >< Despite the serious message behind it and all… It makes me wonder that despite how much we condemn our human way of life, the beauty of this Earth also incorporates the ‘lights’ and the connections that we create – what once used to be a plain dark side on one side of the Earth is now illuminated with pretty diamonds of light that shine through this darkness. It’s silly to think that way sometimes coz it is also these bright diamonds that are causing an imbalance to the planet, yet, it also feels as if Earth would never be called Earth now without them. (Hmm, but you know what they say, diamonds can often lead to greed…). Can there really be a balance between our modernising way of life alongside with Mother nature’s way of life? Or is change IS a way of life that we need to embrace and stop thinking in dichotomies and harmonise our ‘being-with-the-Earth’? Lolol. Kay found this video while trying to find the definition of the term ‘coast’. Never realise how obsessed adn how IMPORTANT this obsession is with definitions.

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Group Video: Geographies of Racism, Bradford UK

Our GE4102 Geography in the Contemporary World, group project:

Geographies of Cultural Racism, Bradford UK

Didn’t turn out as smooth-sailing as we had hoped! But oh wells, glad we are done. And I did some drawing and I can now say that I actually helped to do a video for one of my projects during my university days!