Kevin Lynch’s The Image of the City

A brief introduction to Lynch’s concept of – Legibility.


My Book List

So anyway, I started cultivating a book list not too long ago, especially after graduation. I guess I got the idea from my pri school bestie Sarah whom I noticed kept a long list of books in her phone and so I started doing the same. I wanted to do this to continue reading and loving geography and since I am going to start my RA job I really hope I can set aside some time in the library/ the office to do my own personal reading/ mini researches just to saturate the mini knowledge bank in my head with whatever interesting/ useful stuffs that I come across later on in life ­čÖé However, after I changed my phone, I realised I left my book list in my old phone too. Thankfully, it was still saved in my old phone and I thought it would be better to upload here and to update it from here from time to time.


Personal Self-Help Books:

  1. The Road to Character by David Brooks –┬áReading at the moment
  2. Who Moved my Cheese? – Read

Urban Design/ Urban Planning/ Urban Political Ecology (UPE) Books:

  1. Eco-cities (Rebuilding Edition) by Richard Register
  2. In the Nature of Cities: UPE & the Politics of Urban Metabolism by Nik Heynen, Maria Kaika & Erik Swyngedouw
  3. Everyday Environmentalism: Creating an Urban Political Ecology by Alex Loftus
  4. Urban Forests, Trees and Greenspace: A Political Ecology Perspective by Adrina Bardekjian & Sadia Butt
  5. Happy City by Charles Montgomery – Reading at the moment

Geography-related Books:

  1. For Space by Doreen Massey
  2. Humanistic Geography by Yi Fu Tuan – Reading at the moment (Thanks Siew! For lending me! :))

Haha, so I guess through this book list you can kind of tell where my interests lie at the moment! Really hope I can find the discipline to set aside time for reading!!

Random Update

Wow, I can’t believe that I am going to meet my boss and my new colleagues tomorrow!! As well as have lunch with my boss – the Assistant Dean of FASS??? LOL thoughts keep racing through my mind like – What do you think she will ask me?? Ahhh what would be her first impression of me after our first lunch together ><. Will she and Prof Chang talk about me if they ever do meet up? (Since Prof Chang says they are friends…) Better read up more on SRN, my interests, urban planning, in case she asks me more stuffs like these… LOL. But still, I aww-ed when she asked me over email that she would like to take me out for a welcome lunch. I really have a good feeling about her ­čÖé She has this modern motherly vibe┬áhahahaha┬áalong with this air of intelligence and positivity surrounding her! I really want to do my best for this job and hopefully give a good impression ><!

Sigh, I swear there are always things to do everyday I STILL don’t even have the time to upload my photos from graduation to my grad shoots to my trip to Aussie and Hokkaido!! Life passes by too fast for me. Or rather, I’m just the same perennial procrastinator..