Singapore: A Biophilic City?

Hmm…. Interesting… Incorporating urban green spaces to create a new form of architectural style?

But somehow or another… I still feel very constrained despite having these green plants incorporated into our buildings in such close proximity. I still feel that the element of ‘natural-ness’ and ‘open-ness’ is missing. That liberating feeling I get when I sit in a  ‘natural’ space.

But then that begs the question as to whether or not can anything be considered natural anymore? Can wild, natural spaces still be saved in a world which is increasingly becoming more urbanised at an accelerated rate?

Then there’s that whole “City in a forest” concept mentioned by that N-Parks lady here… Can you really merge two contrasting ecosystems into one? – i.e. the physical and human ecosystems. What will become of the relationship between man and animal? Is having a close interaction truly a healthy relationship for both sides?


Author: carrot girl

Just a girl squeezing all her carrot juices out. Mmm. Yum.

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