Let it Flow

Like a river, let your grief run its course. It will always be there whether it is a tiny stream, a short dry spell or a small pond. But when the rain drops come and the river overflows its banks, the pond becomes a lake and suddenly a flood comes out of nowhere. Let it flow because that is how our grief is released, that is how our heart restores itself. The more you hold the rain, the higher the dam you build, one day it will resurface till you can’t hold it anymore and a flood explodes. 


Analysts baffled by Singapore’s business park space dearth

Analysts baffled by Singapore’s business park space dearth – See more at: http://sbr.com.sg/commercial-property/news/analysts-baffled-singapores-business-park-space-dearth#sthash.PfuTdzkD.dpuf

Singapore: A Biophilic City?

Hmm…. Interesting… Incorporating urban green spaces to create a new form of architectural style?

But somehow or another… I still feel very constrained despite having these green plants incorporated into our buildings in such close proximity. I still feel that the element of ‘natural-ness’ and ‘open-ness’ is missing. That liberating feeling I get when I sit in a ¬†‘natural’ space.

But then that begs the question as to whether or not can anything be considered natural anymore? Can wild, natural spaces still be saved in a world which is increasingly becoming more urbanised at an accelerated rate?

Then there’s that whole “City in a forest” concept mentioned by that N-Parks lady here… Can you really merge two contrasting ecosystems into one? – i.e. the physical and human ecosystems. What will become of the relationship between man and animal? Is having a close interaction truly a healthy¬†relationship for both sides?